Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Statement Regarding Father Casmir

This is the message given by Bishop Lagonegro at all Masses at our parish on January 7/8.

It has recently come to the attention of archdiocesan officials that while he was a seminarian, before he moved to New York and was admitted to St. Joseph’s Seminary in Yonkers, Father Casmir Mungaho fathered a child, in a consensual relationship with an adult woman.

As an applicant for our seminary and as a candidate for Holy Orders, Father never revealed this to our bishops or seminary authorities, which he certainly should have done. The fact that he is the father of a child was not known to us at the time of his ordination nine months ago.

Given the need for Father Casmir to address this matter and reflect on his responsibilities in a very serious way, his assignment to St. Stephen’s is now ended. Please pray for him, as well as for the mother and the child whose lives are so precious.

While we regret having to bring such sensitive matters to your attention, Archbishop Dolan and I believe that it is better to be forthright with you. We are sure that when there is sobering news like this about leaders in the church, our faithful people should hear it first from their pastors rather than from someone else.

Please know that your parish is very dear to us. We have great respect for your pastor Fr.
McLoughlin, and are working to get you and Father McLoughlin another priest as soon as we can.

(From Father Michael) - I ask all of our parishioners to please keep Father Casmir, the mother and the child in your prayers.